Macrium speak to Nigel Poore who runs Poorly PC, a Suffolk based PC support company who provide help to small businesses across the country.


Macrium speak to Mike Jonas from Brooklyn PC Clinic in New York who offer computer repair and support services to home and businesses.


Rando had been looking for a new backup and recovery solution to sell onto his clients. Something that was fast, reliable and worked effectively. After some research Rando discovered Macrium Reflect.


IT Works in Scotland have been using Macrium for a number of years to ensure their clients' desktops and servers are protected should disaster strike. They were one of the first of Macrium’s resellers to trial the new central management console and Martin Paul from IT Works has some great feedback on this fantastic new tool from Macrium Software.


Severn Trent was formed in 1974 as a regional, state-owned water authority based in Birmingham and responsible for water management and supply, and waste water treatment and disposal in the rivers Severn and Trent.


Uvion is a Belgium reseller who has been recommending and selling Macrium Reflect to their customers for over 4 years now. Macrium speak to Bert Coppens, General Manager at Uvion.


Rick used a Macrium competitor for over 10 years, but as Windows transitioned from XP to Windows 7, Rick found that the product went a bit sideways, and that the solution needed too much support to make it a viable option.


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was created as an independent agency to ensure the safe use of radioactive materials for beneficial civilian purposes, whilst protecting people and the environment. The NRC regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials. 


The Upham Pub Company has a growing family of pubs across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Wiltshire on 12 different sites.   


David Ritchie offer innovative material handling solutions for the offshore, gas and chemical, security, medical, defence and utility markets. Additionally they provide farmers with a range of high tech agricultural equipment.